Re-post: Those small, transcendent moments

I’m hoping to use this space for less formulaic and more creative writing, hearkening back to my blogging days of old. To stimulate that side of my brain, I’m going to occasionally post some old goodies I come across. Here’s one from 2010, originally posted on Tumblr. 

In life, there are these transcendent moments where everything seems right with the world.

Lauren and I experienced such a moment a couple weeks ago.

Our good friend Chris Lewis had been over for supper, and we were in the process of cleaning up and getting ready to call it a night. Our son Will had been changed and fed, and was also winding it down in preparation for a few hours of sleep.

I was holding him (outwards, as is his preference), and Mommy walked over, drew in very close, and started to talk to him, presumably looking for some sort of cooing response, as he had been doing in increasing measure and volume in recent weeks.

What we got instead was something far more amazing.

From the bottom of his toes and out of his sweet little mouth sprang this big old belly laugh, the first of its kind from our awesome (then) 10 week old. And as Lauren kept talking, he kept laughing, and within seconds, we were all laughing, all three of us without any cares in the world. (I’m pretty sure both parents had tears in our eyes as well).

I can honestly say that are few moments of comparison in my 30 years in which I have experienced such pure and unbridled joy.

That’s parenting for you, I guess. As much as nothing can prepare you for the constant feeding, changing and the (hopefully) occasional bouts of fussiness, it’s also true that nothing can prepare you for the first time that you hear your kid laugh away.

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