I Want to Podcast Again, But Need Some Help

I sent that tweet out yesterday, and it’s true. I do want to podcast again, but in order to do so, I need some help.

Working from home has afforded me exponentially more time at with the family, and I also basically have every evening and weekend free for the first time in 5 years! With that extra time on hand, I’d really like to bring Stoop Time back, and am putting my Patreon campaign back out in the world to try and at least get the cost of Soundcloud fees covered.

I do this because as a husband and father of 3 busy young boys, it’s difficult to commit to something extra that will end up costing us; in other words, as fun as it is to record, I need to at least break even financially to make it worth doing at this point in my life.

Anything beyond that would be a huge bonus and put to good use.

As a reference for what I’d like to keep doing, I last recorded an episode of Stoop Time in February, when I sat down with Guelph Storm captain Garret McFadden inside the Sleeman Center.


There’s no pressure, obviously, but a positive response and a few pledges would kickstart this asap.

Thanks for reading and considering, friends.

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